Celebrations and events

Let me organise your event for you before and co-ordinate on the day so that you can  relax and enjoy mingling with your guests 

A summer party is easier  and more enjoyable for you when there's someone to make sure the day runs smoothly before and during the event.

Why spend your birthday party looking after guests? I can do that for you. It's your party after all!

Drinks should flow. I'll make sure that they do. I can create cocktails, serve wine and keep an eye on the soft drinks too. 

BBQs are so much better when someone else does the serving and keeps things organised for you.

Take a breath and enjoy your special day. I can make sure everything runs smoothly for you. 

I'll look after your guests and make sure they are safe and comfortable. Sometimes you need someone sober just to keep an eye on things so that you can relax.

We can work together to plan magical tables for you and I'll make sure they happen. 

Let me work with you to create a fabulous, sparkling event which you can enjoy whilst I work my magic for you and your guests.

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