I offer regular or occasional pet services

My insurance covers me to hold keys for all of my pet owners which means that I can check on your pets and look after them should an emergency prevent you from getting home. 

Pet Visits

I can drop in once a day for £10 or twice a day for £18 to check on and take care of your pets' needs. I'll provide you with updates and keep your key until I know you are safely home. 

Not only are your pets happier at home, I also keep an eye on things for you.


During my visit, I will pick up your post, put your bins out on the right day and bring them back in. I can make sure your heating is on for your return and pop some essentials in the fridge.  

As a key holder, If your alarm goes off unexpectdely, or you're delayed, you have the reassurance of knowing that I will pop around to re-set and check your house is secure. 


I'll always keep visiting your pets until you tell me that you are back home safely.


My car is not branded so no one needs to know that you are not at home. 

Regular updates

Some people want to go away and forget all about home. Other people like to know what's going on and how their pets are doing whilst they are away.  If you want me to, I'll keep you up to date and send videos and p[hotos of your pets and anything else I think that you ought to know about.                                                                 

Chicken Checks

I can drop in once or twice a day to check on your chickens and let them in and out for £10 per visit.


I'll also feed them, keep their water topped up,  check for eggs and collect any eggs for you.


This is free of charge if I'm visiting your other pets! 

I have experience with a range of pets from hamsters, rats, tortoises and bunnies through to frogs and lizards

I can pop in once a day for £10 or twice a day for £18 to feed, turn lamps on and off, check water, spray the tank etc. 

I'll water your plants and pick up your post and parcels when I visit ...

There's no charge for this, it's all part of the service!

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